The mission of SAVE JON, Inc. is to understand and cure a rare liver and bile duct disease called Primary Sclerosing Cholangitis (PSC) in time to save the lives of patients currently suffering from this disease. We do this through an actively managed portfolio of interdependent research and clinical development programs designed to deliver new therapeutic trials to our patients in five years’ time. In order to achieve this goal, our 501c3 nonprofit organization coordinates large multinational projects to accelerate the pace of developing solutions for PSC patients. Previously PSC research and therapy development has been constrained by the difficulty of identifying and accessing large numbers of PSC patients in different countries, coupled with the complexity of the disease. To overcome these constraints, we at SAVE JON act as a global hub to foster:

  • collaboration and coordination
  • data sharing
  • multivariate tissue and clinical record analyses
  • formation of integrated models of disease
  • accelerated therapeutic trials

by coordinating the efforts of:

  • leading scientists and clinicians in the PSC field
  • researchers in peripherally related fields
  • corporate partners in the therapeutic and diagnostics industries
  • government agencies working to understand the cause of PSC and approve new therapies for PSC patients.

Understanding and curing PSC is such a complex problem that traditional research methods alone would be insufficient to solve it and deliver solutions to patients.  In creating an integrated, milestone-driven model to cure a specific disease, powered by programs with audacious goals, we expect to cure this disease and many others while laying down the blueprint for more efficient biomedical research in the future.

Through these efforts we aim to build a world where our finest work is done in someone’s hour of need.  

Failure is not an option.  The clock is ticking.

Our Process

Because we are an international, multi-disciplinary team, our process is very different from other research organizations.

Our Process